Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

1Which Platforms do we support?
Church Apps UK supports iOS (the Apple iPhone, iPad platform), Android (the Google platform) and HTML5. So you get native apps for the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad using iOS version 5.0 and higher as well as for every variety of Android smartphone or tablet. In this way, we cover the majority of the app market.
2What is an iPhone and Android app?
An iPhone app is a small computer program that runs on the iPhone. The iPhone can be a powerful marketing platform and Church Apps UK mobile app takes full advantage of it. An Android app is similar but designed to be downloaded onto Android phones or devices.
3How long does it take to get a mobile application?

Around 5-10 days for the development.

Once created, Church Websites UK we will submit your app to the iTunes Appstore or Android Market (as applicable) within 48 hours. It then takes about a week to gain approval. In the highly unlikely event that your app is rejected, we will work with you to make the necessary changes. With Church Apps UK mobile app, approval is guaranteed.

4How can I update my Church App?

Church Apps UK, provides a Skipper, our on the go app management which you can download on your phone or tablet and use to send push notifications and much more.

We also have App Management Portal (AMP) which is accessible to the pro accounts. You will be able to manage all aspects of the app with the training that comes with the pro plans.

5How do push notifications work with my Church Mobile App?

Church Apps UK mobile app allows you to send "push notifications" right to your member’s iPhone or Android devices. Our advanced push notifications enables you to segment, use geo-fencing attached an event banner or link to a tab on your app.

We strongly recommend you to watch our special webinar on Maximising Push Notification for Better Church Communication.

6If I decide to cancel my subscription, what happens to the app?
Your app will continue to run until the end of its current billing period (e.g. end of your current billing month or year). Beyond this period your app will default to the locked screen. Apps that are in the Apple App Store and Google Play will be unpublished from both stores at that time.

Customer support

Do you need support on your church App? Or you have a question that hasn’t been addressed above. We respond within 24 hours to all questions.