7 Key Benefits of a Church Mobile App via Push Notifications


A push message/notification is a message that an app owner sends to all app users who have opted in to receive messages. The messages are usually short and go straight to the front of users’ screens.


Engaging with Newcomers via Push Notifications:

Engagement at church isn’t just about keeping your congregation entertained. It’s about nurturing them to go from weekly churchgoer to a fully devoted disciple. Give them opportunities to do more by keeping them updated through push communications.

Scheduled Newcomers Push notifications that go out during the week, directing them to a “Thank you video from lead pastor” within the app, then encouraging them to join a local life group.

Updating Church Members via Push Notifications:

Reduce low attendance by updating church members on events, services and classes during the week.

Low participation in your small groups and programs? It may not be that members aren’t interested. People are natural procrastinators—remind them what’s going on and give them a tool to take action.

Growing Deeper Disciples via Push Notifications:

Eighty percent of churchgoers show up on Sunday and have no other interaction with their church during the week. Bring them closer to God throughout the week through inspirational messages and opportunities for deeper involvement to nurture them whether they’re in church or not.

Enable deeper discipleship via daily devotions, discipleship program that promotes learning and ongoing participation throughout the week.


Why Your Church Needs A Mobile App?

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Better Church Leadership with Push Segmentation:

Church Apps UK enables you to have an exclusive church leaders area where you can communicate with your leadership team, share ideas and get quick answers don’t wait till Sunday or Bible studies.

Enhance Generosity through Push Notifications:

Keep your messages and requests for donations at the forefront of congregants’ minds by reaching them on the device that’s rarely further than an arm’s length away. By incorporating calls to action, you can drive them directly into your app for increased fundraising.

Sometimes getting someone to agree to give their time just takes asking. Use the app to put the request straight in their hands!

Amplify Events/Seminars/Conferences:

Above all, push notification from Church Apps UK is an effective communication tool. Let it do just that, keeping your congregation informed and up-to-date.

Reducing low turnouts to church events through strategic reminders of what’s going on and giving them a tool to take action.

Better Social Media via Push Notifications:

Increase activity attendance by sharing the fun things you have planned for your church members.

Members may not realize all that your app has to offer. Make them aware by sending messages about new content and urging them to share with friends.

Push notifications aren’t meant to be abused and blasting out to all your app users. This can lead to your app being deleted and people get irrelevant messages that run to be a nuisance rather than informative, helpful and encouraging. Push notifications therefore if used properly, they are a highly effective tool for communicating with and engaging your congregants and app users.

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