Church Mobile Apps – Don’t cost as much as you think!


W hen most of us think about buying a new piece of technology, the natural reaction is to put on the brakes. Up-and-coming innovations are usually expensive, difficult to troubleshoot and become outdated quickly. Yeah, you know what I mean from iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, 6S to iPhone 7.

However, there is a good news, a mobile app may not cost as much as you think. In fact, many of our church partners have told us their app has actually helped them reduce costs in many other areas. The technology of app development has come a long away from hiring a developer to building your app at thousands of pounds to now hiring an agency like us for development via our app platform. The savings are huge and benefits of having a church mobile app are even more.

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A mobile app can cut print costs in half.

Printing bulletins for each service every Sunday is not only costing churches money but time and manpower. Anyone who cleans up after a service can tell you that most of those bulletins are either getting left behind or tossed in the recycling bin right after the closing prayer. But, consider this: by encouraging attendees to access the bulletin via their mobile app, churches can print fewer bulletins, saving time, money and the environment.

Apps make it easier to give.

Today, churchgoers don’t always carry cheques or cash. Our church apps make it easy for the members and guests to give via their smartphones with just a few taps. Multiple studies have shown that online giving options have higher per-capita offerings and more consistent week-to-week giving.

Investment vs. Impact.

When it comes to church budgets, stewardship is key we know that right! So a church mobile app is a great investment because it impacts so many different areas of the church. When compared to many common church technologies or communications methods, an app offers a lot more for a lot less.

Low development cost.

To have your church app developed by won’t cost you the bank, and be sure also of the level of service you will get is nothing short of professional with a gospel mindset. Our prices start from as low as £25.00 for our start-up church app to £35 for our pro church app. You can learn more about the pricing structures and packages here. We also provide help with the marketing strategy of your church app and provide webinars that enhance your understanding of how to use the app for your specific goals.


Why Your Church Needs A Mobile App?

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In conclusion

I hope that this article has been helpful to you as you seek to understand mobile app place in the church. Building your knowledge about communication trends and available technologies is the first step toward creating a more connected congregation.

I am passionate about technology and strongly believe that technology enhances not replaces the bible, evangelism, giving, sense of community and personal interaction in a church. It’s all about finding new ways to connect, engage and inspire.

A disciple of Jesus Christ, businessman, a father, a keen digital marketer and I love to serve GOD and His people; follow me @JPMunupe.